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Two Rivers Health Department has approved Bethany Home to enter into our Phase II of restrictions, which does not look any different with regards to Resident dining and group activities and visitations. Next week we will call Two Rivers Health Department and try to get us approved to go into Phase III of restrictions which will allow scheduled visits in designated areas of the facility. Residents and visitors will still have to adhere to social distancing and wear facemasks once we reach this point.

When Bethany Home is allowed to let Residents have visitors we will send a memo out with visitation guidelines and a start date to Bethany Home Residents and each Resident's 1st contact person listed and we will also post them on our Facebook page and website.

Bethany Home also had our Infections Control Survey completed by the Department of Health and Human Services of Nebraska and they cited no deficiencies after observing Staff, Residents, and reviewing facility documentation.

I know this all might seem extreme however we do appreciate all of your patience and support. So far all of the precautions have worked in keeping our Staff and Residents safe.



Here is an update for our family and friends of Bethany Home. We know you have all been patiently waiting for some new information.

We are 100% COVID NEGATIVE as all of our staff and residents' test results have now returned.

Our next step is to be in contact with our health department to move forward to Phase 2. This phase won't look much different than the current restrictions, however, Phase 3 will follow and this is where we can begin relaxing restrictions a bit further.

We continue to encourage "through glass" window visits, phone calls, Ipad visits, etc. Please call in advance to set up a time with the Activity Department so they can get you scheduled in. We love to see everyone......even through the windows!

Thank you again for your patience and continued support!



As of 6/25/20 Bethany Home has 0 Staff and 0 Residents with positive COVID-19.

Bethany Home has a Phasing plan written. Our facility currently has just conducted testing of all Staff and is waiting for results. If all Staff return negative results then we do not need to test Residents, but if 1 Staff member has a positive result then we are required to test all Residents. All of this must be completed before moving to Phase III (see below).

Bethany Home is currently in Phase I and our staff is working diligently to get our facility to Phase II then on to Phase III. Once we are in Phase III, we will then be allowed limited visitors. This would allow Residents and their visitors to be in the same area with social distancing and other precautions in place.

Thank you all for your continued patience, understanding and support.



  1. Bethany Home is following CDC and CMS guidelines with regards to visitation, communal dining, and group activities. At this time these are still not allowed under the guidance and recommendations from the CDC and CMS.

  2. Bethany Home is working with the Two Rivers Health Department to obtain COVID-19 tests to administer to our Employees and Residents. This will need to be completed before any loosening of restrictions begins.

  3. A facility plan of slowly loosening restrictions for Bethany Home will be sent to the State of Nebraska for approval. Currently the facility is anticipating and waiting for guidance from the State as to what the plan must entail.


Currently Bethany Home is COVID-19 free in Residents and Staff.

Thank you all for patience and understanding during the last several months hopefully we are seeing a dim light at the end of what has been a very long tunnel.

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